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1st Episode of IEEE Lahore Student / YP / WIE / TC Congress

16th, 17th, 18th December, 2016      @ Superior University


Pakistan is a developing country with the presence of small and large scale manufacturing and service industries. These Industries are facing technological problems because of lack of exposure towards latest technological developments (Communications, Power and Energy, Computer science, Robotics and Automation, Control Engineering) in real life industrial Applications. Furthermore, the bloating gap between Academia and industry is a major problem, which is creating hurdles in the progress of both entities. Industry is considered to be the backbone of any country. Economy of a country is linked with the development and up-gradation of its industry .The transformation of “industries” towards “Smart Industries” is only possible with upraising technical standards and bringing advancement with research and developments. Transition of Pakistani Industry into Smart industry is the need of hour.


  • To organize Industrial Tutorials/Technical Talks with coordination of Industry/ academia Professionals for providing solutions of industrial problems.
  • To organize Round Tables/ Panel Discussions with intention to produce recommendations for ICT, TELCOs and Power/Energy industries to take steps towards Smart industries.
  • To provide networking opportunity to students, industries and academic key professionals.
  • To foster collaborations between Academia and Industry with effective round table discussions/ Sessions and Tutorials.
  • To encourage students to do effective R&D/solutions. this is to solve real time problems of Pakistan by competition.




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